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Trips abroad are a dream come true for many students; but if they encounter sickness and infection, it can quickly become a nightmare. 

Young students are vulnerable to viruses and infections. Child immunisation continues during the school years for children up to age 15; vaccinating against the likes of meningitis, measles, mumps and rubella. These vaccinations are important for keeping them safe at home, but what about when they travel abroad? 

In recent years, trips abroad and exchange programmes have taken students away from the classroom. Exposure to harmful diseases can occur anywhere in the world and at any time, especially due to a lack of natural resistance. It is therefore a priority that you have your students vaccinated properly. Not only will this protect them on their upcoming trip, but it will also protect them for years to come; if they choose to revisit the destination again.

The most common forms of immunisation offered for travel are against yellow fever, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, diphtheria, tetanus and polio. These diseases are prevalent in high-risk areas, for example, some countries in Africa and Asia. Also Eastern Europe (notably Russia and Ukraine). 

Some of these diseases demand physical proof of vaccination and the necessary certification will be presented to you depending on the destination. Malaria is also another condition to consider when travelling. Check with our travel expert on the malaria risk for the country your student is visiting. Our travel clinics will be able to provide you with the correct malaria prophylaxis. 

No matter the destination, you can have a consultation with one of our travel experts who will provide you with all the information and vaccinations you and your students require to enjoy a safe trip while abroad.

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