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Travelling is exciting, especially If you’re visiting a new country or continent. You have a lot to consider; flight and hotel bookings, timetables, packing – the list goes on. You wouldn’t leave it to the day before you travel to make your booking, so why leave the most important aspect of your trip until the last minute; your travel vaccination services? Book a consultation with our travel experts today and get all the travel vaccination services with peace of mind.

Family travel vaccinations

Family Travel

If you and your family are preparing for a fun-filled family get-away, make your health a top priority.

Last minute travel vaccinations

Last Minute Travel

Whether you’re working for a charity and heading into a disaster zone or found a last minute get-away, speak to one of our travel experts about your vaccination requirements.

Work Travel Vaccinations

Work Travel

If travelling abroad is a regular part of your job, you’ll know the importance of being protected.

Armed forces vaccinations

Armed Forces

We offer a comprehensive vaccination program for those serving in the armed forces.

School Travel services

Student Travel

It is a priority that your students are vaccinated properly, not only will this protect them on their upcoming trip, but will protect them for years to come.

Hajj, Umrah & Pilgrimage vaccinations

Hajj, Umrah & Pilgrimage

Of the five pillars of Islam, Muslims are expected to make a pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in their lives over a 5 to 6 day period. Learn more here:


A comprehensive list of treatments for the most common forms of illness and disease you’re likely to encounter while away.

When travelling abroad, your destination and length of stay matters. Countries within certain continents such as North America, Australia and Western Europe require little or no vaccines before travel as medical practices are similar between them. Other countries in Asia, Africa, South America and Eastern Europe may however require extensive coverage to ensure safety as certain vaccination programmes may be underdeveloped and limited in these areas.

The length of the immunisation prescribed depends on the length of your stay. If you have booked an extended holiday or are away on business for more than a few weeks, visit one of our travel clinics to get a professional expert opinion on the best course of vaccinations for your trip.

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"I'm glad I visited TravelClinicNearMe before I travelled, getting vaccinated was quick. They take the wellbeing of their patients seriously, and gave me everything I needed for a safe business trip."

Hana Shaw

"Thanks to TravelClinicNearMe, I had a lovely time on holiday and didn't have to worry about becoming ill. The staff were helpful and knowledgeable. Their services couldn't be any better."

Johnathan Redmond

"We were nervous about our first family holiday away; there was a lot to plan. The clinicians were understanding and made our kids the priority. I can't wait to get away knowing my family is protected. Thank you." 

Josh Webb

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