COVID-19 PCR Testing & Fitness to Travel Certificates

COVID-19 PCR Testing & Fitness to Travel Certificates (£130)

At Travel Clinic Near Me, we have recently launched COVID-19 PCR Testing Swabs & Fitness to Travel Certificates for our customers and local communities.

A number of airlines now require passengers to produce evidence of a negative COVID-19 test before travelling. Travel Clinic Near Me can provide customers with PHE approved COVID-19 tests with results typically within 72 hours.

Results are provided in the form of a PDF Laboratory Certificate, which can be printed off and used as your travel certificate. The certificate includes the date and time of the sample.

Prices include 1xRT-qPCR sample kit, laboratory analysis, COVID-free travel certificate.

The test is CR-IVD approved for sale and use within the EU and UK. Read more about our COVID RT-qPCR Swab Test.

Our travel expert can talk you through whether the test is appropriate and what additional precautions you can take to protect yourself and your family.

For further information, speak to one of our travel experts or visit your local travel clinic.

COVID-19 PCR test

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